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If you build it, they will come: 5 Blockbuster reasons your organization should have an R package

“There’s no crying in baseball “ There is a big learning curve to R. It might make you cry. It will probably make you angry. It will definitely make you frustrated. And it is all worth it because: It documents your … Continue reading

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REQAO: An R package for EQAO data

Introducing REQAO, an R Package for those who work with EQAO data files. This package is a collection of functions to assist in the loading of files and the relabeling of values.  As additional functions are added and expanded, the … Continue reading

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The 9 Lives of a Photo (Pictures are Data)

With the availability of mobile devices in the classroom, photos are increasingly being used by educator teams to document learning. The blessing and the curse quickly becomes apparent as hundreds of pictures accumulate and clog albums and directories. The “perfect … Continue reading

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Finding the Path

When secondary students complete their courses and accumulate credits, they leave a trail of data behind them.  As these same students consider their course options for the the next year, they are making choices about the pathway they will follow. … Continue reading

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Making EQAO data easyR to work with

Academic data, just like every other data set, usually consumes more time with cleaning and reshaping than analyzing and visualizing. One of the appeals of R is the ability to re-use code and it is in that spirit that I’ve … Continue reading

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