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A look at Twitter and #OERS14

This was the ninth year for the Ontario Education Research Symposium which is organized by the Ontario Education Research Panel.  As with previous years it was a wonderful venue to share research, explore new collaborations and expand networking opportunities.  Throughout … Continue reading

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In the Edlines…

“Edlines” is a new page that features links for current education research, resources, and discussions.  As new links are added, older links will move further down the page. A link to the Edlines page can be found at the top … Continue reading

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Data Vis … The Movie

A few years ago I learned 2 important tricks to navigating a movie theatre: 1)      Ask how full the theatre is when you purchase your ticket.  Finding a single seat is easy, two seats is usually no problem, but when … Continue reading

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The 3,4,5’s of Informed Consent

In the midst of the demands and responsibilities of a new school year, education researchers are immersed in logistical considerations for projects starting (or continuing) in 2012-2013.  An important consideration for every research project is the issue of consent which, … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Healthcare Slopegraph – A Python implementation

Last summer I shared an adaptation of Tufte’s slopegraph using data from the  Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences‘ (ICES) 2011 Quality Monitor report in the post Education and Health Care – Using Slopegraphs to Understand Complex Systems.  While this initial … Continue reading

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