#OERS15 – Looking Closer at the Shared Links

Of the 2,654 tweets, 744 (29%) included a link. Of those 744, 204 links were retweeted 540 times.  Taking a closer look at the kinds of links that were posted, photos were the most frequent kind of link shared:

  • PhOERS Link typesoto (155)
  • Website (27)
  • Video (8)
  • Data viz (5)
  • Facebook (3)
  • PDF (3)
  • Spreadsheet (1)
  • OERS Agenda (1)
  • Cartoon (1)

Summarizing this information ended up being a more involved process than I had anticipated.  Before the links could be categorized the duplicates had to be removed, the links needed to be lengthened and the urls parsed.  Following is a description of the process:

  • Original tweets were compiled (retweets and truncated links were removed)
  • Links were lengthened:
  • Lengthened links were categorized according to the url content:
    • Youtube.com links indicate videos
    • Twitter/photo/1 links indicate photos
    • Links ending in .pdf indicate documents
    • Fb.me links indicate facebook posts
    • Some links needed to be expanded a second time and were fed back into the Bulk URL Checker, lengthened and categorized
    • Remaining links were reviewed and categorized
  • Links and categories were put into a pivot table and summarized (a copy of the excel sheet is available here)
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