Getting Started with Reproducible Research in R: What you need and Where to get it

You have been persuaded that engaging in Reproducible Research is worth your time and effort and now you want to get started. This post is a quick overview of the steps you need to take to install LaTeX and make it available to RStudio.

The following steps work as of R version 3.2.2,  RStudio version 0.99.489 and the proTeXt page dated:  2014/04/22 20:51:39

  • Install latest version of R:
  • Install latest version of RStudio:
  • Download proTeXt (MiKTeX based):
    This file is very large (around a Gig) grab a coffee or start the download just before lunch.

    • Run the file and place the files on your Desktop – all of the files will be extracted onto your Desktop
    • In the directory the files were extracted to, click on the TEX Setup icon
      • Click on “Install” for MiKTeX
      • Accept the MiKTeX copying conditions
      • Click “Next”
      • Select “Complete MiKTeX”
      • Select:  “Anyone who uses this computer”
      • Select: preferred paper: “Letter”
      • Select: install missing packages on-the-fly: “Yes”
      • Click on “Next”
      • Click on “Start”
      • Leave the default installation directory and click “Next” – RStudio will look for it in the Program Files
    • Go to RStudio to set up the options:
      • Go to: Tools> Global Options >
      • Select: Weave Rnw files using:knitr
      • Select: Typeset LaTeX into PDF using: XeLaTeX
      • Select: Preview PDF after compile using: “Sumatra
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