Revisiting the Healthcare Slopegraph – A Python implementation

Last summer I shared an adaptation of Tufte’s slopegraph using data from the  Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences‘ (ICES) 2011 Quality Monitor report in the post Education and Health Care – Using Slopegraphs to Understand Complex Systems.  While this initial visualization involved post-processing (with the hope of exploring code to generate something similar), Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr) has developed a Python solution to generating slopegraphs and has used the 2011 Health Care slopegraph to serve as an example.  In his post Slopegraphs in Python – Slope Colors Bob has replicated both the slopes and the color coding, which I had used to visually reinforce the direction of the slopes.

Thanks to Bob for his willingness to share his code and for using my adaptation as one of his examples!

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