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Census 2011: Ontario Population Pyramid

Statistics Canada has released the Age and Sex data set for 2011.  A traditional visualization for this kind of data is the population pyramid.   The population pyramid is a modified version of a stacked bar chart with the division between … Continue reading

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Reshaping the Country

Maps are one of my favorite approaches to presenting information.  However, they are just as vulnerable to abuse, misuse and overuse as every other form of data visualization.  Traditionally, maps employ color ranges, textures, symbols and boundary widths to describe … Continue reading


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Ontario Education Research in 140 Characters – OERS 2012

The seventh annual Ontario Education Research Symposium concluded today.  A new approach was employed this year to collect feedback in real time which was compiled and included as updates throughout the symposium.  Attendees were invited to send text messages when … Continue reading

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2011 Census – One Stop Shopping

Unfortunately, the changes that were made to the long form census overshadowed another decision which is making detailed census data available to the public for free, rather than as products for purchase. To make it easier to locate these resources, … Continue reading

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Talking the Walk – Cohort Visualization with Narration

A video of the 2010-2011 EQAO Cohort Data Visualization with narration is now available.  This expanded video includes narration on the origins of this visualization and orients you to the layout and features of the interactive chart.

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